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Liquid Sorbitol 70%

Chemical formula: C6H14O6

Other names: Glucitol

Sorbitol, also known as Glucitol, is a sugar alcohol with a sweet taste that the human body metabolizes slowly. This sugar can be obtained from glucose by reducing the aldehyde group (−CHO) to an alcohol of the first type (−CH2OH). Most sorbitol is obtained from potato starch and corn syrup. Sorbitol has a soft, sweet, cool taste in the mouth. Sorbitol is a moisturizing and thickening agent

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food use


  • Nutritious sweetener in all kinds of diet foods and drinks such as: jam, basti, peanut butter and diet chocolate.
    Sugar-free gums and candies
    Reducing staleness in cakes and cookies
    Increase shelf life by maintaining moisture

Medicinal use


  • Making soft gelatin capsules
    Use in chewable tablets
    Treatment of hyperkalemia (increased blood potassium)
    Relieve constipation

Industrial application


  • In the textile and leather industry as a color stabilizer in fabric printing
    Increasing the viscosity of the adhesive composition
    In the tobacco industry as a softener and moisturizer
    Making polyurethane foams

Cosmetic use


  • Oral care products
    Creams, ointments, lotions, shampoos, shaving creams